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For companies in the telecom, internet, digital television, financial services, insurance and other similar industries, outstanding bill payments are an unwelcome reality.

Setting aside time and resources for following up with your existing customers for outstanding bill payments can be a cumbersome task.

Our team of experienced telecallers and field collection executives work in tandem to ensure that maximum collection is attained with minimum hassles.

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Customer Retention

Be it a low or a high volume business, the cost of retaining an existing customer is far less than acquiring a new one.

We help our clients in creating a strategy for retaining their existing customers by creating customized offers and plans.

Cross selling, up selling and multiple other activities are undertaken as part of customer retention.

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Affiliate Marketing

A sustainable customer acquisition strategy is one that works in the long run. 

From generating leads, contacting prospective customers and to closing the sale, the experts at ABC can guide and execute customer acquisition strategies for your business through multiple avenues.

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Omni Channel Customer service

Today's customers interact with brands in multiple ways. Some of them for the same issue, some for different issues. These are widely used for product enquiry, order placing, modification, service requests, complaint registration and the like.

At ABC, we manage the entire gamut of operations across all modes of customer interaction, be it through calls, SMS, social media, email, chatbots or any similar such platforms. We would be able to see the customer history and provide solutions accordingly with minimal time spent for the customer. This level of tracking ensures a great customer experience as he would not need to explain his issue more than once.


A new customer is always a good sign. Not if they are to use your product for fraudulent activities.

Regulatory norms require companies to follow certain checks and guidelines before granting service to a new customer. Better be safe than sorry.

Our teams follow best practices from the industry and strive to ensure that your risk is at a minimum and that you deal with only those customers who are worth your time and effort.

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Out of the box

As new businesses spring up with new requirements, we adapt accordingly.

Let us know if you have a need that is not mentioned here. Let us know if you have a need that is not the core area of your business, but one that you cannot afford to brush aside. 


We have the infrastructure. We have the expertise. We'll be happy to discuss your need over a cup of coffee.

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