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ABC Customer Service Pvt Ltd

All About Care

At ABC Customer Service, we believe that your customer service requirements should be supported by experienced professionals and able domain experts with a clear vision of ensuring customer and client satisfaction.

The ABC Way

17 years of Outsourced Excellence

Here at ABC Customer Service Pvt Ltd, our mission goes beyond providing just customer support. We help our clients achieve the highest level of operational excellence so they can focus on what matters - their core business.


With seventeen years of experience in various industries, we ensure that our clients stay ahead in the ever-changing business landscape and maximize their overall success.


We specialize in tele-calling activities for both inbound and outbound operations, omnichannel customer service, affiliate marketing, collection operations, sales and after sales activities. Read along to understand how outsourcing of non-core operations can help your business in a time and cost effective manner.

Collection.  Omni Channel Customer Support.  Affiliate Marketing.  Customer Retention.  Verification.   

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Omni Channel Customer Support

Customer service in today's day and age requires a brand to be accessible to its customers through the medium of the customers' choice. With platforms that integrate various
channels such as Call, Chat, E-Mail and Social Media, our team can         seamlessly resolve each customer query regardless of how the customer interacts with the brand.

Collection Operations

For service providers with a sizeable customer base, our team of telecallers and field collection executives follow up and ensure that outstanding payments are taken care of with minimal disruption.

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Inbound Call Center

We can build and manage a team of customer service agents to attend to 

Business Handshake

Our engagement with multiple companies in diverse industries has helped us 

excel in adapting to new processes with comparative ease by using best practices learnt across industries.

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Vintage Telephone


Our work history starts from the pre-smartphone era and continues to serve our clients in the dynamic telecom market for their ever-changing requirements, for both postpaid and prepaid divisions.

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Outsourcing training, onboarding and after sales customer service to an external agency would greatly benefit an IT company as it can focus on its core coding and development work without worrying about frequent issue resolutions with customers.


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

From Account opening, data verification, product promotions, customer complaints to other supplementary activities, we take care of end-to-end interactions with customers of our clients in the BFSI sector.

Telecom.    IT.    F&B.    BFSI.    Television.    News.    Radio.    E-Commerce.    Real Estate.    Tourism.    Automobiles.

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